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Marvin's Arena is a free and entertaining programming game. The game is designed to easily learn programming in any .NET compatible language. It is suited for new programmers to gain experience with the .NET languages and development tools as well as for experienced programmers.

You create a robot and let it fight against one or more opponents in a tournament. The first robot can be written in only a few minutes but complex robots might take some time for perfection. More experienced developers can even create robots working in a team to fight other teams.

The robots can move, scan for opponents and fire bullets and rockets to survive in the battle!

This is the source code of the engine and backend if you just want to create robots please visit the project website!

Project Website & Tutorials: Marvin's Arena Website.

Articles in the Internet
More battling bots with Marvin's Arena.
Found more? Notify us.

Current Features
* Battle Manager to create a tournament
* 3D Battle Engine that simulates the tournament
* Sandbox to run every robot in a secured environment with maximum security assigned
* Single and Team tournaments with full tournament brackets
* Configurable game rules
* XML tournament result
* Map Editor
* Visual Studio integration and Code Editor

See Roadmap

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